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Cortinas para un apartamento en la playa


When it comes to dressing the windows of a beach apartment, there are many options. First of all we must take into account the budget and the needs of the space. 
One of the most popular options today are the screen type roller blinds. This type of curtains is quite economical and maintenance is minimal, since they are cleaned with a damp cloth or rag. The filtration of the light will depend on the screen we choose according to the needs we have. All this makes it a type of curtain ideal for a beach apartment.
If we are lovers of traditional fabrics and falls, some natural fabrics with some linen are also a very successful combination. Fresh fabrics of light, vaporous colors that help create a fresh and light atmosphere. We will choose a fabric with some linen, but not too much, since it will resist the direct sun better and will be easier to wash at home. For windows that are not going to open too much, better to choose blinds and for windows or windows that are often open to create drafts, it will be more convenient to resort to traditional falls.
Finally, you can also use slat curtains (whether wood or metal). This type of curtains have an advantage over other systems because they allow the passage of light to the interior of the space at any time. On the other hand, they are more expensive and their cleaning is more entertaining, because you have to clean the slats one by one.

In the photos we present an original beach house. Built in 1950 by Brazilian architect Lina Bo Bardi south of Sao Paulo, it is an icon of modern Brazilian architecture. Fully integrated into nature, linen curtains were used to dress their large windows, creating a fresh atmosphere and fully integrated into nature.

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